My Worcester Pop-Up Museum – Marketing and PR

As Sarah mentioned in her post below, last month saw us hosting our ‘pop-up’ museum in Reindeer Court in the city. My role in the team covered marketing and PR. It’s probably worth saying now that when we began this project I had no formal training in either area, so my methods may not have been conventional, but I am pleased with the outcomes, and like the rest of the traineeship, the project was a great learning experience!

To begin, I put together a marketing strategy which was separated into online/external/print/shop. One of the things I did, following our group training session with a freelance PR consultant, was to write a number of press releases, and we gained coverage in Worcester News, the Worcester Observer, and on BBC Herefordshire & Worcestershire radio – a huge thank you to the two Kens who were involved in the project and took time out of their day to come and speak to journalists. I was particularly pleased as Helen, who delivered our training session, said we should aim for two pieces of coverage, so that was surpassed (just!) As nothing like this project had been done before, it was quite difficult to make predictions for both the amount of coverage and number of visitors we could expect.

My Worcester Museum coverage, via Worcester News

My Worcester Museum coverage, via Worcester News

I think if I were to take on a similar role again, I would probably do some more research into marketing and PR methods to begin with, I would give myself a longer lead-in time, and I would hopefully have more time to work on creating and sourcing content for our online platforms. That being said, I know we were all really pleased with the visitor numbers we had (c.250 over three and a half days), and many of those visitors had come to us intentionally, rather than just coming in after walking by, which I think demonstrates that the marketing was effective. It almost goes without saying, though, that the project was a group effort and so our collective work was what made it success, so well done to my fellow trainees, we did it!

Rachel Murphy