Looking Back

Hello! I don’t know how I can possibly follow Etta’s wonderful post, below, but as we have now passed the three month mark of our traineeships, I thought it might be a good idea to reflect on my experience of the traineeship so far, and what I have learnt.

Copyright: The Museum of Royal Worcester

Copyright: The Museum of Royal Worcester

The first thing that strikes me, as is always the case, is just how fast the last few months have passed by. The weather in Worcester this week has finally started its descent into Winter, and I can’t help but think of how sunny and hot it was when I moved here at the end of July. I have settled in to the museum, and am currently finalising my plans for the next year, in conjunction with my colleagues. I am now faced with the somewhat daunting task of making the things I have planned actually happen; I think this is the first job I have had where I have full ownership of my own projects, which is both exciting and somewhat terrifying. For the majority of my events I am trying to create partnerships and work with other local organisations and institutions where beneficial to both of us, as well as for our audiences and participants – I am not in the inward-looking old school of museum thought and I think the sector can be hugely enriched by collaboration and through listening to and being aware of different viewpoints.

I am also looking forward to putting into practice some of the excellent training we have had over the past few months. The majority of the areas we have had training in have been completely new to me, so I am eager to try some things out and develop new skills – so far, I am hoping to submit some successful funding bids, develop educational resources suited to the new primary school curriculum, advise some participants on their Arts Awards, and begin work on the digital output to accompany my events. Hopefully by the next time I write, I will have some progress to report!

Rachel Murphy