Magnificent Manuscripts and Incredible Incunabulae

Hello, Tom here at Worcester Cathedral Library and Archive.


The view from my window!

Like everyone else, I’ve been amazed by how fast the last few weeks have gone by! I’ve been working on a number of different projects at the same time, so no two days are quite the same. One of the first things I started with was updating our blog. The library has such a wealth of fascinating content, so I think it’s really important to try and share this with the widest possible audience. Social media seems the perfect vehicle for this – especially since access to the library can be tricky (up an 11th Century spiral staircase) and many of our objects are too fragile to handle regularly or put on long-term display.

I’ve been working closely with my supervisor, David, to learn important new skills. Unsurprisingly, book handling is one of these – and I now feel confident enough to leaf through the medieval manuscripts. However, my sense of awe that something so fragile and vulnerable could survive so long remains undiminished.


Another key skill I’m getting to grips with is palaeography, or the study of old hand writing. Apparently by the end of my 15 months I should be able to sail through texts like this:


Image copyright the Dean and Chapter of Worcester Cathedral (UK)

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