Cream Boats & Petticoats

Hello! Rachel here, trainee at the Museum of Royal Worcester.

My first three weeks at the museum have absolutely whizzed by, and I’ve been involved in a variety of activities alongside settling in and getting to know my new colleagues. I’ve spent some time in the museum’s shop talking to visitors, shadowed preparations for events, and even helped proof the annual Friends’ magazine, The Melting Pot.

imgID9494430An event I particularly enjoyed being part of was the St. Peter’s School reunion. The school closed in the late 1950s and the building is now the museum, so naturally we were the ideal venue! It was lovely to witness old friends be reunited after so long, and interesting to hear their memories of being at school and how the building has changed. Many of the attendees also had close links to the factory, with one lady pointing to a photograph on display in the exhibition hall, and saying ‘That’s my Aunt!’


Another exciting event I was able to witness last week was the photographing of some of the collection. It took the photographer a full day to shoot the contents of one and a half cases – this may sound like a long time, but the cases hold an impressive amount, as shown in the picture. It is quite strange to see objects outside of their cases, and I was lucky enough to be able to handle several pieces, including the Wigornia cream boat, one of the earliest pieces of Worcester Porcelain in existence. I’m not a collections buff but thankfully I do know one of the cardinal rules – don’t hold things by the handle!

I have also started to think about an events programme for the duration of my traineeship, as my role at the museum is to expand the events programme for existing audiences, but also to try and reach out to new ones. I have quite a few ideas, some of which I will hopefully start bringing to fruition in the coming weeks – I will update you on my progress in my next blog post!