Postcards, Cats & Cardboard Boxes

Hey, I am Danielle and I have been working at the Research Collections at the University of Worcester.

For the last three weeks it has been my task to update our display cabinets. I had full control over the theme and content, which initially was daunting but turned out to be a great opportunity as I was able to familiarise myself with the collection whilst adding my own personal touch to my placement.

John Marks Postcard Display

John Marks Postcard Display

For the big board, I chose to focus on our John Marks Postcard Collection as the use of illustration and colour help to make an eye-catching and interesting exhibit. The postcards are centralised around a literary theme and can be divided up into a section on prose and a section on poetry. As well as displaying the collection, I have also taken charge of cataloguing and organising them, with over 4000 to work with; this definitely is keeping me busy.

Nicola Bayley - The Patchwork Cat

Nicola Bayley – The Patchwork Cat

Continuing on the theme of illustration I designed another display on the work of Children’s illustrators from the 19th and 20th centuries. As well as publicising what the Research Collections holds, I also wanted to evoke childhood memories from those who stopped to view the display. For anyone interested in children’s illustration, or anyone who happens to love cats, I’d highly recommend coming along to the Woodbury Building on St. Johns Campus to have a look for yourself.

Over the next week I will be experiencing other collections at the Worcester Cathedral Library and The Hurd Library. I wanted to gain an insight into how other libraries and archives store and manage their collections so that I can bring different and new approaches back to my placement. Visiting and working in such established settings will prove to be an invaluable opportunity in gaining a greater understanding of the Heritage Sector.

My next mission is to unpack and organise our brand new collection of Historical Text books! We have a room full of unopened boxes which are waiting to be shelved and then used by researchers. As a History graduate, the thought of getting my hands on these old text books is quite exciting and I can’t wait to keep you posted on what I find!

So the title of this blog pretty much sums up my experience so far!

History Text Books

Unopened Boxes of History Text Books


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Danielle Joyce