My First Week (and a half)

Hello. This is Lily here and I’m the trainee at The Elgar Birthplace Museum. I have been given the great honour of writing the first blog post for this new group of trainees.

It seems a long time since I first came to Worcester for my interview at the Museum back at the start of May, but I finally got here, and have just completed my first week (and a half) in my placement museum.

After settling in at my desk, I was put straight to work. A large part of my role is running the Family Events programme and, as it is the middle of the summer holidays, there is a lot going on. On Wednesday, I had my first event, which involved storyteller Sue Andrews creating stories based on Elgar’s Wand of Youth fairies. Young visitors were also given the chance to create fairies and fairy crowns inspired by Sue’s stories.

Storyteller Sue in full flow.

Storyteller Sue in full flow.

I was very lucky to have excellent preparation from the previous trainee at the Museum, Lucy. She made my first event and my first week stress free.

My other main task last week was to design and create a window display for Malvern Tourist Information Centre. This sent me into a whirlwind of cutting and sticking, trying to create an exciting display to attract family visitors to the museum. After much preparation I went to Malvern at the start of this week and installed my display. Below you can see the finished result.

My finished window!

My finished window!

I am really looking forward to what the next 15 months of this traineeship have in store for me and I hope to update you sometime soon.


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