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03NOV11 033
Now I have your attention, I will tell you about what my world has been like since the last time we spoke…
Kerry here from the desk of the George Marshall Medical Museum and The Infirmary. It has been a whirl wind of training, and learning. My mind feels expanded to the point where any new information sometimes falls straight back out again, so I find it useful to keep notebooks on me at all times. I have been thoroughly enjoying it and have started to put all that I’ve learnt so far into practise.
I have co-authored a press release, and have had a go at my own for the George Marshall Medical museum’s 10th Birthday celebrations event we are planning, the photography section of the training has proved useful, as I snapped people going around The Infirmary on one of our Saturday Open day tours, and I can’t get enough of these Gantt charts, I have one for everything, its so useful for planning everything in a timeline!
My time has also been spent producing a promotion pack to display in GP surgeries in the Worcestershire area, as well as developing a presentation that went into The Hive to go on the big screens. The new visitor survey has been installed in The Infirmary, for us to better understand our current users, and over 20 people have filled them in so far, which is great!
I have also been busy developing several databases of venues such as attractions, GP surgeries, places of accomodation in and around Worcester, and coffee shops to ask them whether they wouldn’t mind displaying our leaflets. It has been a busy time sending these out to the various locations and its wonderful how many businesses are willing to assist in our promotion by displaying these.
I am constantly amazed at how quickly the time has gone for us so far, every day is gone in the blink of an eye and every week seems to fly by. Going forward, this experience has already taught me many things. Not only about the work I’m doing and how to achieve the results but it has also increased my confidence levels in various aspects from speaking up in a group, to my skills in IT. If any of you out there reading this post is seriously thinking about getting into the heritage sector, this intership is brilliant. I highly recommend it! Now where’s my chocolate…


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