Geocaching, Gotta Cache ‘Em All!

Hey there folks!


Time is flying by for me at the Museum of Royal Worcester! I cannot believe I’ve already been there for 5 weeks, but at the same time I can barely remember what life was like beforehand! It is such a lovely environment to work in, with some really amazing and dedicated people.

During the 5 weeks I have also rather looked forward to the training days and group visits with the other trainees, it’s always such good fun catching up with them, and we’ve had some really grand days out.

One such occasion was a training day we had at Avoncroft Museum. The day focussed around visitor experience within the heritage sector. I found this very useful, particularly as my job at the Museum of Royal Worcester is essentially to get new groups of visitors into the museum (particularly families and younger people). To do this I have to understand the experience the visitors are already receiving, and see what can be approved so that the experience is more accessible for all ages and types of people.  The training day really helped get me thinking about this aspect of creating events, and also gave me quite a few good ideas that I hope to try and implement within the Museum of Royal Worcester.

Two ideas that caught my attention the most were ones that can be done for free, or very cheaply! The first involved asking families what their favourite bit of the museum is and creating a recommendation tag in the museum, similar to the concept used in the Waterstones’ ‘recommends’ bays. They would be very easy, and completely free to do. However I am not sure how this would work within the Museum of Royal Worcester quite yet.

The second idea, and the one I have become almost too excited about, is geocaching. Geocaching is ‘a free real-world outdoor treasure hunt. Players try to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, using a smartphone or GPS and can then share their experiences online.’ At first I thought it sounded a bit too geeky (even for me!) but after researching it further, and actually going out to do a bit of my own locating, I realised it is incredible fun! I want to create a geocache trail around the museum site, I think it would be perfect for families, and a really interesting and different way to explore the museum, the site, and the history of the collection.

I am also working on a few other event ideas such as family and children’s workshops. I think these will be useful way to get the most out of one idea, the workshops can be reused weekly or monthly, meaning I can also focus my time on creating specific events at the Museum, such as the Big Draw coming up in October of this year, and the WWI centenary in August 2014.

All in all I’m having a super duper time on this traineeship. I am one lucky treasure!


Museum of Royal Worcester