Hello….It’s me again!

GMMM.Infirmary 10.2012Kerry here from the desk at the George Marshall Medical museum! Hope I find you well and in good health. It has been a busy week for this trainee. I kicked things off at The Infirmary on Monday, finalising my visitor survey form. Hopefully, this will give us an idea of who is visiting the exhibition and how they found it. I also had a tour around the city to pop our new leaflets in to other tourist attractions.
Tuesday found me at Hartlebury Castle, reunited with all the other trainees and our lovely project co-ordinator, Alex Kinnersley. We had a walk around the exhibition and then a fabulous tour of The Hurd library from Chris who is Alison’s supervisor. It was so nice to see the other trainees again and to see how everyone is getting on.
The rest of the week I have been at the George Marshall Medical museum checking out the hospital buildings to see where our promotional material may be displayed, what sort of posters to design, and creating a database of tourist sites and places of accommodation where I can send our leaflets for them to display.
Phew! I for one am glad its Friday! Although this Friday holds mixed emotions for the medical museum team. Today Baroness Hollins officially opens The Infirmary museum. Baroness Hollins is the president of the British Medical Association, whose organisation was founded right here in The Infirmary in 1832 by Sir Charles Hastings, so it is within keeping that the president should have this task. However after such a happy occasion comes with it such a sad one. The Infirmary’s Museum Manager, Catriona Smellie is leaving us to further her career in sunny Guildford. She will be greatly missed as one who has been so hardworking and instrumental in the formation and development of The Infirmary exhibition. We all hope she will be happy, and wish her all the best in her new exciting post. I for one will be sad to see her leave and I thank her for her support and encouragement in our brief time working together.
So on that note, I shall be raising a glass tonight, I hope everyone has a happy Friday and a fantastic weekend!!
Kerry Whitehouse
The Infirmary
George Marshall Medical museum