New Hurd Library & Uni Research Collections Trainee

Hello World,

Hope that you are well and keeping up with the orbiting and rotating activities. Hope the dark of interplanetary space is treating you nicely. Hope your resident creatures aren’t getting too out of hand.

It doesn’t seem polite, you see, to just burst in talking about myself.

Hello World…

I am Alison. I am one of the five trainees now employed as part of the second tranche of Nurturing Worcestershire’s Treasures. I’m the one who’s working at the Hurd Library and at the Worcester University Research Collections.

I have a degree in Classics from the very prettily located University of St Andrews, and have also done some volunteering at various archives; this appears to make me qualified to earn money in return for labour in a book-related environment, for which I am very grateful. I hope eventually to train as an archivist. I like organising things.

My work is going to involve cataloguing, helping with tours, creating educational materials, helping volunteers and writing entries for the Hurd Library Blog. Although I hope Chris will continue to write for the blog sometimes; I like her entries and so does my mum.

Hello World…

This is me: